Litigation services by expert Indian Property Lawyer for:

  1. Civil suits pertaining to property matters
  2. Partition suits
  3. Specific performance matters
  4. Lease, license and other related matters
  5. Family estate distribution matters
  6. Mesne Profit matters
  7. Rent matters
  8. Stay on demolition matters
  9. Arbitration proceedings in property matters
  10. Implementation of arbitration awards

ONLINE LEGAL SERVICES by expert Indian Property Lawyer for:

  1. Legal advice and all services for Real estate projects
  2. JV in Indian real estate companies
  3. Housing colonies and townships
  4. TCPO matters
  5. Change of land use (CLU) matters
  6. FDI advice in real estate in India
  7. Project sanction advice and services for real estate projects
  8. Zoning issues of Master Plans for cities
  9. Environmental clearance matters for real estate projects
  10. Techno legal advice for housing projects, industrial projects, commercial complexes

Online legal drafting services by expert Indian Property Lawyer for drafting and vetting of:

  1. Lease Deed
  2. License Agreement
  3. Conveyance Deed
  4. Sale Deed
  5. General Power of Attorney
  6. Special Power of Attorney
  7. Earnest Money receipts
  8. Assignment Deeds
  9. JV construction agreements
  10. Builder agreement

Expert Indian Property Lawyer for all legal services of:

  1. Property disputes
  2. Sale and purchase matters
  3. Transfer of ownership matters
  4. Construction
  5. Partition
  6. Evaluation
  7. Conversion
  8. Lease
  9. License
  10. Due diligence on property title
  11. Due diligence on compliance aspects of property


Property law matters are often very complex and involve various laws including the local laws where the property is located hence the services of expert property lawyer becomes very important under these circumstances. We provide all services of legal advice, litigation services, and legal documentation services in the fields of property laws in India.

We have a dedicated team for handling the real estate matters which includes the team of legal, para legal, techno legal manpower for all project advice matters, check on compliance, advice on all environmental and land use issues. We are already providing these services to renowned real estate companies

Since you can use the support round the clock, you can finish your job quicker.

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